Class Act

Back to school for me! I tore apart my room like a freshman last night trying to decide what I wanted to wear. It ended with a pile of rejects and a trip to Target with my mom for some Starbucks. I found something to wear along the way. I don’t have much to report about my first day at RIT other than getting budged in the coffee line by a rather portly fellow who was very anxious to get his large coffee, save room for cream. But it was okay. The Java’s crew probably couldn’t see me over the tall counter that separated us. In other news, I walked by a boy wearing pants that were the exact color of mine. I wanted to tell him, “nice pants,” but I was afraid he might be deaf. Chances are 1 in 5 at RIT. I had Typography and Western Art History today. The latter is jam-packed with 57 students. Most are freshman. And me, a junior. Should have listened to that little voice that told me to take it at Gdub. In between classes, Luke and I walked around campus exploring for 40 minutes. I think I got sunburn. Now I’m home. Blogging instead of doing homework. 





I tried to re-create the cover of Highschool Musical, how’d I do?!

So yeah, my entire outfit is from Target. Minus the watch. 

Home Alone

Growing up in a big family, this is something that seldom ever happens to me. I have the house to myself. I debated throwing a party, or blasting rebellious music while going no-pants, or lighting something on fire…or just leaving. Instead, I did a heap of dishes, rested in the hammock, doodled and thought about life and the rapidly approaching change of scenery ahead! I haven’t done much blogging this summer, partially due to unadulterated laziness, and the rest I can blame on me trying to decide what additional content I want to blab about other than style. My dad just came home with a cranberry bagel, so I’m going to take care of that with the help of some cream cheese. 

Well Suited

Hey guys! It was nice and sunny in Rochester today, so with that and a brilliant suggestion from my friend Jess, I decided to talk about swim suits. Jess also sent me this very interesting swim wear trend.

In my experience, you either love or hate bathing suit season. Growing up, I was always encouraged to be modest, a little valued idea in our modern bathing suit culture, sadly. Now, I’m not saying we should all swim in wet suits…or these: 

But, I am saying that a bathing suit should be more seductive, less sexy. I mean, your objective is to cool down, so don’t be mean and get someone all hot and bothered, am I right?! My ideal bathing suit leaves enough to the imagination while still providing an efficient swimming experience. Otherwise, it just looks eerily similar to bras and panties. If you are planning to battle the waves at Nauset Beach in Cape Cod, I recommend NOT wearing bottoms that tie together on either side. You’ll have a wardrobe malfunction to rival Janet Jackson’s during the 2004 Superbowl. Speaking from personal experience, here. 

Bathing suits are some of the hardest items to purchase for your shape. Unless you have reached body nirvana and can wear whatever you darn well please like Gisele Bundchen and Elle MacPherson. If that’s you, high five and go away.

I stumbled across a great slideshow on Glamour magazine’s website that I thought covered this topic quite thoroughly! So Jess, and any other swim-wear-searching-sisters out there, I hope you are one step closer to your perfect swim suit after looking through THIS. I completely agree with their suggestions for the less endowed and have purchased my past swimsuits based on that. I prefer boy shorts opposed to a bikini-style bottom, generally. I swim in these:


It looks frumpy hanging there! I purchased this from Topshop a couple of summers back. My advice: NEVER try to buy a bathing suit online. Double shipping is the worst.


This wild top is from Forever 21 and the boy shorts are from Kmart, I believe. You can find a plain black boy short bottom just about anywhere in the summer!